International participation and Bergen as a City of Knowledge

UiB is a university located in the centre of Norway’s second largest city and is Vestland’s principal educational institution. We want UiB to be strong in initiative, be outward-looking, and be a public arena for learning for the whole region. We will strengthen our regional role. UiB has substantial resources and collaborative partners, many Knowledge Clusters, and an excellent foundation to achieve these goals.

UiB will be a hub in the City of Knowledge, Bergen. Under the banner Bergen City of Knowledge, we will, together with other educational institutions, the public and private sectors of the labour market, aim to put Bergen on the map as the centre of a region acknowledged as an international site of knowledge and culture. We will develop and implement venues and procedures that will make it easier for interested groups and organizations within the public and private sectors to meet with students and members of the university’s disciplines

We shall focus on collaboration in education, for example with “Vestlandslegen” and HVL. There is great potential among the art and culture disciplines to create arenas for collaboration with institutions in the region and initiating strategies here shall be prioritised.

UiB has a long tradition of international participation and a large number of staff with international background. UiB’s many global networks and partnerships are a key resource. Internationalisation through recruitment, research collaboration and student and researcher mobility will strengthen the university.

Faced with climate change and restrictions in the wake of the pandemic we need to be thinking alternatively about global collaboration. Digital forms for collaboration provide new opportunities but can never fully replace actual movement and meetings. There are good reasons to be more concerned with what is accomplished than the number of journeys made, for both students and researchers. Global collaboration is not only about mobility, but also about challenging our own perspectives and developing  research, disciplines and education through dialogue across diverse traditions of knowledge.

  • We will strengthen the onboarding of international recruits with information on all aspects of the university’s activities, services, and regulations.


  • We will strengthen our regional role.


  • We will create venues for organisations from public and private sectors to meet with students and members of the university’s disciplines.