Our values

We are a team from different parts of the university, from diverse fields with distinct teaching and research methods, and with broad and varied leadership experience. Therefore, together, we have extensive knowledge of the varying disciplinary fields and the everyday life of scientists and students.

We have spent the last few months discussing key questions of university politics. What primarily unifies us as a rectorate, is both our commitment to the university’s strong and central role in society and a dedication to protect the key values of the university in a time where these are under pressure, both nationally and internationally. This is the foundation of our leadership model and philosophy.

Universities have a unique role in society; we nourish and develop independent knowledge. That research should be independent is fundamental for societal development and for the quality and trust in the knowledge we create. The best way to secure this is academic freedom combined with scientific leadership based on the important political values of the university as well as an understanding of the university’s role in a changing society.

Team Hagen is strongly in favour of university democracy. An elected rectorate achieves its legitimacy from the voters, from colleagues and the students. The tasks of the rectorate are to facilitate solid strategic and democratic processes in the organisation, and to work towards securing and strengthening the frameworks of the institution.

An elected rector implies that the institution is led by a rectorate together with a well-qualified administration led by the university director. This makes the rectorate stronger, as it enables it to fully concentrate on scholarly leadership and academic development of the full spectrum of disciplines that are present in an institution such as the University of Bergen.

An electoral platform is a promise. It is not comprehensive, and it does not describe all parts of the institution and all the activities of UiB. Some of the measures are specific while others are general. First and foremost, the platform indicates a political direction for the university. We are looking forward to expanding upon the promises and values of our platform in dialogue with you throughout the election campaign.