Innovation on the University’s premises

UiB’s research is the basis for innovation in our region, as well as nationally and internationally. UiB has strengthened its efforts for innovation and has contributed to an expanded understanding of the concept. The Knowledge Clusters, the centres for research-driven innovation, student innovation, the collaboration with the institute sector, the public sector and the business community, are arenas for further and continued work of collaborative innovation.

UiB will be at the forefront in shaping the way universities understand and develop innovation as a societal mission. We will enhance and promote the work on innovation at all of UiB´s faculties  and increase the resources available for this. Innovation at UiB will be based on academic freedom and curiosity-driven research.  We will use the knowledge and experience provided by our new centers for research-driven innovation across all faculties.

We will strengthen the work with student innovation and student entrepreneurship and highlight the available institutional tools for this. We will continue the development of the UiB idea program to facilitate the process of developing ideas for entrepreneurship.

  • We will stimulate the innovation work carried out at all faculties at UiB, and improve the conditions for entrepreneurship and innovation.


  • Innovation at the university must be based on academic freedom and independent research, and UiB must build on the knowledge at our new centers for research-driven innovation, to promote innovation across the disciplines.


  • We want to encourage student innovation in the educations, and emphasis how student innovation can contribute to a sustainable society.


  • We want to enhance researchers’ changes to succeed with innovation projects in Innovative Europe and in the EU’s program for innovation in Horizon Europe.


  • We will offer researchers and technical staff access to more tools to explore how research and innovation can be included in teaching and interaction with students.


  • We will continue the development of the UiBidé program to ensure that all scientific staff can more easily develop ideas for entrepreneurship, in collaboration with businesses and the public sector.