Hagens Podcast Corner episode 4: Annelin Eriksen

Mar 21, 2021

In the fourth and final episode of Hagen’s Podcast Corner, we meet vice-rector candidate Annelin Eriksen. We meet her at the Department of Social Anthropology among employees and walls filled with pictures from places social anthropologists have visited.

Annelin started her education at UiB in the early 90s. She is now a professor of anthropology and has been vice-rector for global relations since 2017. Here, the concept of sustainability has been absolutely central.

“Sustainability must not just be a word we celebrate. It is important that we actually question the way we think about sustainability and the way we understand how change should take place – whether it is the right and useful way»

Annelin says that her role as a social scientist and anthropologist can be very different from other disciplines at UiB. Nevertheless, she is concerned with seeing all researchers regardless of subject and what is important to them.

“We will develop the research, have the best possible conditions for doing so and that knowledge will be used”

Listen to the episode here (in Norwegian):

Podcast producer: Anna Julie Nytrøen Bergesen