Hagens Podcast Corner Episode 1: Pinar Heggernes

Feb 26, 2021

In the first episode of Hagen’s Podcast Corner, we meet deputy rector candidate Pinar Heggernes. We meet her in the hallway among students and colleagues at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science, where she is Head of Department for Informatics.

In the episode (on norwegian), we hear Pinar talk about the importance of artificial intelligence, echo chambers and algorithms. These are important areas she wants us to pay more attention to.

“When you never get any type of input, it’s very dangerous. It’s exactly the kind of thing we have to fight”

She also points out the problems many students face today, namely an integration to relevant work. She specifically wants to change the collaboration between the University of Bergen and the businesses.

“No matter what we educate our candidates for, it’s important that they get a chance to get into relevant work quickly”

Listen to the episode here (only on norwegian):

Podcastproducer: Anna Julie Nytrøen Bergesen