Are you a PhD or postdoctoral fellow?

Mar 24, 2021

Five reasons to vote for Team Hagen for younger researchers:

  • The working conditions and career paths of young researchers should be improved, and Team Hagen recognizes that long-term improvements on the duration and support systems for younger researchers are a good investment. As pro-rector, Hagen initiated and led the creation of a strong careers policy for younger researchers at UiB, and was deeply involved in the establishment of HR Excellence in Research.
  • The Corona epidemic has had a strong negative impact on younger researchers, and the epidemic is not over yet. As rector, Hagen initiated the reinforced medical and psychological assistance available through UiB and the corona survey which charts which further steps have to be taken. Team Hagen’s view is that the consequences of corona for younger researchers deserve broad attention in the time to come.
  • Young researchers must have access to high-quality courses in transferable skills and early awareness of different possible working life tracks. Hagen took the initiative to establish a careers advice office for younger researchers, which is in its early stages now. Through the FRAM project, Hagen leads the work to chart the preconditions of high-quality research at UiB.
  • Young researchers deserve a leadership who do what they can for sustainable development. Team Hagen’s vice-rectoral candidate Annelin Eriksen has been the greatest champion of sustainable development in academia in Norway. When she became rector in January, Hagen began the UiB divestment from fossile investments.
  • Young researchers must be at the heart of university politics. In all the election debates, Margareth Hagen has promised to take personal responsibility for the younger researchers’ portfolio, and not delegate the task to a vice-rector. As prorector Hagen has been one of the foremost voices in Norwegian debates about young researcher-policy, and is therefore part of the national commission to make a new national strategy. As UiB rector she will lend greater weight to the cause of PhDs and Postdocs!

The electoral platform of Team Hagen is here, and information about the university electoral system is here. And the digital voting booth is here – open only Wednesday and Thursday morning. Have a good election day!